Computer Upgrade Service

Let me guess you have no idea what you are doing when it comes to computers? Good, that makes two of us. Don’t want to buy a WAHEP computer because you are attached to yours? Hey, we understand. So why not send it to us for a low flat fee for a full upgrade. The process is simple we send you a shipping label you box it and send it in, we upgrade what you need, we box it and ship it back. Easy right.


Warranty: 30 Days

RAM Upgrade

We will add 4GB or 6GB of extra RAM to your desktop. If that exceeds the maximum amount on the desktop only max amount will be added.

Windows Upgrade

We will upgrade or downgrade your existing OS to any of the following windows.

Graphic Card Upgrade

We will add an ATI Radeon to support dual monitors. It will come with the splitter and DVI cables.



This service will allow your existing computer to meet and exceed all of Arise Work From Home requirements. Once you place the order we will contact you by phone to ensure we can upgrade the computer model you have before sending you a shipping label. You will be responsible for packaging the item. Please only send the desktop which is the tower. The monitor, cables or keyboard and mouse do not need to be shipped.


Additional information


4GB, 8GB